Since its’ foundation in 1980 the MAXIM group has become a highly productive and innovative manufacturer of own-brand and trademark cosmetics.

We are different than other brand manufacturers. Why are we different? We focus on the dual demands of businesses and consumers alike. As a pioneer in the area of private labels we understand a trademark as a sophisticated brand and turn functional products into ‘emotional products’.

Berlin Cosmetics has more than half a century of experience in the development, production and distribution of trademark cosmetics. Apart from ‘Kaloderma & Soirée’ Berlin Cosmetics also promotes creative and up-to-date products like ‘Lipfit’ lip care and ‘Cosnature’ natural cosmetics.

In order to continuously optimize the range of products and services of the MAXIM group and to live up to constantly changing demands of the market the COSMOLUX DEUTSCHLAND GmbH in Frechen-Königsdorf was founded in 2013. Bundled into a single team it offers customers full service in the field of trademark and own-brand cosmetics.

With innovative concepts for trademarks and own-brands at competitive price levels COSMOLUX DEUTSCHLAND GmbH offers all kinds of cosmetics for any type of business. Apart from health and beauty retailers, discount supermarket chains, full-range retailers and classic supermarkets there are also wholesale markets and smaller trading partners among its’ customers.

Realigned as a fourth site in Germany COSMOLUX DEUTSCHLAND GmbH complements the enormous, customer-oriented capabilities of the MAXIM group.

Cosmolux International S.A. in Echternach, Luxembourg belongs to the MAXIM group since November 2001 and complements the huge capabilities of the MAXIM group in the field of cosmetics – especially when it comes to shampoo, bath products, lotions and creams.

Apart from manufacturing Cosmolux International S.A. also provides a computerized high rack storage area with 10,300 storing positions that is also qualified for dangerous goods as in aerosol and perfumes according to UN 1950 and UN 1266.

Elysée Cosmétiques in France is one of the most modern and largest aerosol-producers in Europe. Elysée Cosmétiques is a specialist for products in the field of cosmetics: hair spray, shaving gel, deodorant, shower foam and special products as water spray and air fresheners.

The groundbreaking ceremony for International Can took place during September 2013. International Can S.A. is part of the Maxim group and will produce and bottle aerosol-cans in Echternach in the future. The key advantage for International Can S.A. in Echternach is the vertical integration of production as the cans made of aluminum are produced and filled in one place. This means a significant cost advantage in the production process and cost advantages in logistics and storage. The location is ideal as all important customers in Germany, France and Benelux can be reached within a few hours. In the final stage of the project until the end of 2015 about 200 jobs will be created. Production capacity will be at about 120m aluminum cans manufactured in a three shift operation.

Pharma Aldenhoven was founded in 1997. Apart from general sales list pharmaceuticals Pharma Aldenhoven produces a variety of dietary supplements and medical products meeting DIN ISO-standards. All products undergo a strict quality control based on the “Good manufacturing practice” guidelines of the EC that are largely identical with the globally mandatory WHO-GMP guidelines.

More than 700 employees in five facilities in Germany, France and Luxembourg develop and produce nearly every kind of product in the area of perfume, face and body care, hair care, dental care, oral hygiene and care products for men.

Perfectly equipped laboratories and highly qualified staff guarantee the innovative and sophisticated development of cosmetics.

Attractive and up-to-date product presentation is created in a special studio for design. State-of-the-art production engineering with a strict quality management meeting DIN ISO 9001:2008 standards ensure a wide product range with high quality. Five high-capacity production facilities with core competencies based on long-term considerations are available to business partners of the MAXIM group. Our team consists of a balanced mixture of young and dynamic and experienced and mature professionals.

We avoid unnecessary costs and focus all the more on product performance. Our investment is quality without compromise.

In the future we will shift our main focus even more on independence which is why we have invested into a facility producing cans – this enables us to increase production capacity even further.