Guiding Principles

We put great emphasis on environmental sustainability and fair working conditions. With responsibility towards our staff we aim for economic success at the same time. In order to achieve it, MAXIM adheres to the following principles of business conduct.

We contribute to our customers’ success essentially by being a diligent distributor with a distinct attention to detail. Our services create highest benefits as we are committed to quality, service, reliability and offering MAXIM (UM) quality at minimum cost.

Constant innovation in all areas is decisive for our long-term success. This is why we lead the field in continuous innovation processes. Our corporate structure supports and rewards creativity and initiative of every single member of staff.

We aim for an internal and external communication based on partnership. Due to this we value competent and friendly behavior, a cooperative and helpful mindset, continuous communication and willingness for professional development. Our staff is service-oriented and has a huge interest in the success of our joint efforts.

Real entrepreneurship has shaped our business and is the foundation of our success. We maintain this tradition by consequently delegating responsibility and expecting its’ realization. We trust in rock solid leadership that practices what it preaches and is characterized by modesty, trust in its’ staff and promotion of team spirit.

Our company is dedicated to the protection of the environment. We want to live up to our responsibility towards society and take the best care and attention towards our staff and our products. Fairness and integrity inside our company but also with regard to business partners and the public determine our work.