Bath and Shower

Nourishing and invigorating: Shower gel is the ideal care product for daily use and creates new drive. A nice bubble bath on the other hand is deliciously relaxing. A chosen composition of nourishing ingredients prevents dried-up skin and creates a silky and smooth skin sensation.

What kind of treat do you want to offer to your customers?


Creams and Lotions

Enjoy a wide selection of creams, lotions, body milk and cream and shower lotions that have a long-lasting positive effect on your body. Make the right choice for continuously beautiful looking skin and a silky and smooth skin sensation and provide your skin with what it needs.


Hand Care

Being tender requires tender hands. Hands can suffer from washing dishes or one’s hands and other environmental influences. Hands can lose moisture; the skin becoming rough and cracked. Our hand care products are designed with the individual need for care and provide moisture and create soft and delicately tender hands.

MAXIM develops your favored composition in line with your ideas and desire.


Foot Care

There is nothing that cannot be done at MAXIM. Remember to take care of your feet as you are on them all day long. We will gladly reveal to you how to maintain beautiful and well-pedicured feet – in addition, we offer a complete range of foot care products for home use. Your feet will thank you for it.

We will go the extra mile with you and develop the suitable composition for your assortment of foot care products.


Sun Care

The right protection is enormously important for sunbathing. Duration and intensity are the factors that determine the adequate sun protection factor.

MAXIM offers you the possibility to provide the full range of sun protection – from low level sun protection factors up to sunblock for childrens’ sensitive skin. After sun products top off refreshingly pleasant our range of goods.